Before we say I do

a five module, self-paced, online program for couples, providing relationship tools for the road ahead. Click here to find out more

Most couples spend a small fortune on their wedding, and why not! we want beautiful things that matter to us to make this life changing event everything we want it to be. Sadly, most couples don’t include ANY form of relationship education into their wedding budget. As both a marriage Counsellor (16 years) and a marriage Celebrant (5 years) I understand the value in investing in your relationship and the best news is you can do that for around the same price as the ‘dry cleaning’!

Five easy self-paced modules
  1. Let’s lay a foundatoin
  2. Your deeper story
  3. Developing awareness
  4. Managing conflict
  5. Talking tips
Click here and discover why ‘Before we say I do’ ♥ is proving to be a game changer for couples!

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